Tell your story in your own words

Connect with your clients and prospects more effectively and with purpose. 

As a 3D AR presenter telling your story, you’ll be amazed at the cut-through and connection you’ll make with the viewer.

Tell your story, explain a complex sale, talk directly to your contacts, explain a new product and importantly, make an impact.

WOW your clients and be memorable.

Call To Action buttons on your card can connect your client or prospect directly. You can have four Call To Action buttons. 

Select the four that work for you;

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Website
  • Social media. 

You can have a selection like above or you might choose to have 4 Social Media links.

It’s your choice.

Fill in the details below.

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Frequently asked questions

Augmented Reality as a tool is associated with improved engagement by the user.  AR allows you to put your message in front of potential clients in a way that is entertaining and memorable, whilst providing a platform that allows you to transfer information in a compelling and easily accessible on any Android or iOS device

A 2D AR card is made up of two components

1. Creation of the 2D Augmented Reality scene, including all the CTA buttons, a QR Code and a URL Link.  This is a one off cost of $600 (excl GST)

2.  The Augmented Reality scene and access to the cloud system is a monthly license fee of $40 (excl GST) or you can buy and annual subscription for $400 (excl GST) See the full pricing information. Click here

The QR Code supplied as part of the Augmented Reality card process can be accessed by anyone who has the Blink app loaded on their device.  If they do not have the Blink app on their Android or iOS device, the first time they point their device at the QR code, they will be taken through a simple process to load the app on their device. This only needs to happen once, thereafter they can access the Blink AR recording anywhere.

Having completed the details form above and have paid your deposit, you will receive a call from our team to confirm your studio time.  We’ll send you a confirmation for your booking, ask for some extra information we need to create your card and all you need to do is turn up at the allotted time.  Make sure you’ve thought about what you want to say and have a script ready. It makes it so much easier for you on the day.   Within 5 days of your studio visit we will send you back a QR Code and a URL link.  Give the print ready QR code to your business card supplier and once your cards are printed, you’re ready to go. Or you place the QR code on any printed or digital media you care to use. The QR code should not be any smaller than 2cm x 2cm. Here’s an example of one of our cards to give you an idea. Example of card with QR Code – Click here

Yes, simply notify us of the changes you require and we will arrange it. The simplest way to contact us is through the Contact Us page of our website. Simple changes are at no cost. In the near future we will provide an online portal where you can do this yourself.