A new media channel

The commercial benefits of Augmented Reality are well established. 

However most of the revenue projection studies fail to mention how to use it.

The main barrier most retailers face when attempting to take their products into this new media is the technical hurdles of making 3D content without incurring exorbitant production costs.   

Blink™ enables anyone to make photo-real 3D using only video production skills and at a fraction of the cost.

A new customer engagement channel

Blink™ allows you to continuously create exciting experiences with a brand or product. Creating memorable brand experiences through the uses of AR, will drive customer engagement to new levels. 

Using Blink™ 3D content, retailers will be able to convert attention and brand engagement into action. 

Conversions drive sales.

A new sales channel

Augmented Reality’s ability to impress an audience is well documented. 

Brands with deep pockets have been spending big in AR for years with spectacular results.

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Frequently asked questions

Augmented Reality as a tool is associated with improved engagement by customers, increased conversion rates and importantly, increased sales. AR allows you to put your product in front of customers in a way that is entertaining and memorable, whilst providing a platform that allows you to transfer information in a compelling and easily accessible on any Android or iOS device.

A 3D AR is made up of three components

1. Creation of the  Augmented Reality scene, including any CTA (Call to Action) buttons, a QR Code and a URL Link.  A simple 3D AR platform can be created by Display Sense for around the $2,000 – $4,000 mark, depending on the requirements.  

2.  The Augmented Reality scene and access to the cloud system is via a monthly license fee of $400 (excl GST) for a standard stand alone site. Multi site discounts are available. There are no limits or extra charges on the number of downloads or people accessing the AR product online. 

3. Creation of the 3D objects that will be displayed in the Augmented Reality environment.  These may be supplied by the client or Display Sense can create the material for the client. This marketing collateral is provided at the clients cost and will vary, depending on how many pieces the client wishes to have in the Augmented Reality shop.

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The QR Code, or the URL link supplied as part of the Augmented Reality process can be accessed by anyone who has the Blink app loaded on their device.  If they do not have the Blink app on their Android or iOS device, the first time they point their device at the QR code, they will be taken through a simple process to load the app on their device. This only needs to happen once, thereafter they can access the Blink AR recording anywhere.

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