The Future is Here: Virtual Reality in Libraries

Bring experiences to life by instantly showing your patrons what your exhibits and collections look like in their own environment.
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Augmented Reality For The Brand

Blink™ 3D content is an interactive AR experience that can be used to create memorable experiences.

Augmented Reality Marketing Drives Engagement

Using augmented and virtual reality in libraries to create memorable brand experiences drives customer engagement to new levels. In fact, a recent study into AR businesses utilising this technology showed they are able to convert attention and brand engagement into action. These businesses are generating an average 20% increase in sales conversion rates.

Create Memorable Brand Experiences

Get a lift from the future by creating AR experiences for your patrons. Bring your collection into your patrons’ homes extending the reach of your gallery, library or museum to the outside of your walls. Bring your collections to life with the ultimate AR experience.

Where The Real World Meets The Virtual

Augmented reality libraries give a whole new take on what it means to offer education, information and resources to the world. In the form of digital content, AR can be used in libraries, museums, and other places where collections are displayed, engaging and inspiring in ways never seen before.

For example, through an augmented reality exhibition, additional content is added to the real world by overlaying digital content (e.g., maps, photographs, videos) onto various displays.  Creating a new perspective on real-world information, this technology supports and showcases material in exciting, interactive formats.

On the other hand, virtual reality works much like augmented reality, except with no visual display. Instead, users experience VR scenes with specialised ‘goggles’, embedding them into the digital environment.

Combined, augmented and virtual reality in libraries, museums, art galleries, and exhibitions brings about a whole new way to explore our world.

Using Display Sense’s augmented reality museum software, or solutions designed for libraries, art galleries and more, there’s never been a better time to integrate this leading technology into your exhibitions.

Discover Display Sense Augmented Reality Art Gallery Software

When you choose our state-of-the-art developments, you’ll get access to content that’s uniquely tailored for your environment – whether a library museum, exhibition centre or art gallery.

Give your visitors a new way to interact with your offering, exploring the rich culture, history and other information in exciting ways. Imagine users being able to see the inner workings and discoveries of ancient Italy’s Pompeii, or the many wonders of Berlin, without physically visiting them. No matter your vision, augmented and virtual reality in libraries can take you (and your visitors) there.

Creating special places with AR and VR

Libraries are great places to exhibit AR technology alongside VR. These innovations can be used for educational purposes, research, and even storytelling. As a result, libraries have become highly immersive spaces that offer a unique experience for students and people interested in learning about a specific subject.

In the past few years, we have seen an incredible amount of interest in augmented and virtual reality in libraries. Around the world, these facilities continue to look for ways to provide engaging experiences, not only for their users but also to their staff members. And that’s exactly where Display Sense comes in.

Why Choose Display Sense For Your Space

Augmented reality is everywhere. It provides a new way to experience information, whether it’s historical artifacts, archaeological sites, or understanding more about your favourite sports team. But this technology is still relatively new for places like libraries or even art galleries. In our eyes, this is exciting.

The tools for generating augmented and virtual reality in exhibitions for art galleries, museums and libraries has never been easier to access. It all starts with Display Sense – a leading AR development company that continues to help centres just like yours to create a competitive edge and inspire visitors.

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