Augmented Reality Retail – Shopping, But Different

Augmented reality retail is a rapidly growing market. With AR now becoming a part of the shopping experience, customers no longer need to try clothes on to see how they fit, or purchase products and hope for the best. Give your customers a convenient, interactive virtual fitting room to choose the look that suits them best.

Display Sense’s Blink™ technology offers engaging displays for stores of all kinds, where augmented reality shopping brings a whole new meaning to the buyer’s cycle.

The Magic Mirror With Blink™ – Augmented Reality Shopping

The commercial benefits of augmented reality retail solutions are well established. However, most of the revenue projection studies fail to mention how to use it. The main barrier most retailers face when attempting to take their products into this new media is the technical hurdles of making 3D content without incurring exorbitant production costs.

Blink™ augmented reality shopping technology enables anyone to make photo-real 3D using only video production skills and at a fraction of the cost.

A New Customer Engagement Channel

The Blink™ augmented reality retail software allows you to continuously create exciting experiences with a brand or product. Creating memorable brand experiences through the uses of AR, will drive customer engagement to new levels.

Using Blink™ 3D content, retailers will be able to convert attention and brand engagement into action.

Conversions drive sales.


A New Sales Channel

The ability for augmented reality shopping to impress an audience is well-documented.

Brands with deep pockets have been spending big in AR for years with spectacular results.

AR on mobile phone

Blink™ Is A Media That Turns Video Inside Out

Blink™ uses standard video production techniques to create true 3D volumetric video. This is a new kind of video media that is as easy to produce as traditional digital video, but effortlessly creates a fully realised 3D hologram-like result that is immediately viewable in Augmented Reality on any modern mobile phone or wearable display.

Here’s how it works

You record your performance with our Blink™ augmented reality retail solution.

Your content is processed from our proprietary .blink format into “depth video”. The result is a standard .mp4
You can then edit the video using almost any off-the-shelf video editor.
You manage your content, connecting it to your brand and your online presence.
You host your content wherever you prefer, ensuring it’s always available and accessible to those you authorize.
You create and manage the links that connect your online presence to the Blinks that you want your audience to enjoy.

Your augmented reality shopping content is available to be viewed on the Blink™ app. This is an entirely white-label experience. You define your customers’ experience from beginning to end. All your customer needs to do is install the Blink™ app once. From that moment on, every Blink™ ever made will be available to the people you authorize as easily as clicking a link in a mobile browser.  You record your promotional event with our Blink™ recorder.

Blink™ is available on most modern iOS and Android devices. Anyone who wants to view your Blink™ need only download our Blink™ Viewer app. Once they have it on their device, any time they click on a link to view one of your Blinks™ their browser will immediately flip over to Blink™ and your AR experience will begin.

If you have connected your Blink™ to a marker image, the target user will see information to help them find your image. This allows you to ensure your content is viewed in exactly the way you designed it to be viewed.

Why Use Augmented Reality?

1. It engages and excites your customers.

When you have valuable leads, you want to keep them engaged and interested in your brand. You want them to convert. Augmented Reality helps keep them interested in your business.
This feature creates an opportunity for your audience to interact with your business. Whether it’s in person or at home, Augmented Reality creates an immersive experience for your audience. They are more invested in the buying process because they have the tools to enhance that experience.

2. It provides your customers with valuable visuals.

One of the biggest problems consumers face is trying to visualize a product in their lives. Whether it’s a piece of clothing or a piece of furniture, many people struggle to see how that product will look. With Augmented Reality, you can help your audience visualize the product in reality.

When you help your audience visualize, you improve their experience with your business. They will be more likely to make a purchase from your retail business because they will feel confident that your product works for them.

3. It puts your customers in control.

When your audience is shopping, they don’t want to be at the control of someone else. They want to shop in a way that works best for them. Augmented Reality helps your audience choose their experience.

With superimposition-based augmentation, for example, your audience can place furniture in any part of their house. It gives them complete control and allows them to move around the house and see where that piece of furniture will fit best. They have complete freedom to decide where things fit best. 

Source: WebFX 2021 – 3 Benefits of Using Augmented Reality in Retail

Augmented Reality Retail Spend Predictions

Statistics from Retail Perceptions show that 61% of shoppers prefer stores that offer augmented reality shopping experiences, 71% would return more often and 40% would pay more for a product if they could experience it in AR.

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