Are immersive technologies ready to build online buying trust?

Are immersive technologies ready to build online buying trust?
Source: Ikea

Immersive technologies — i.e., augmented reality (AR), 360° video, 3D content and virtual reality (VR) — are advanced, affordable and increasingly being welcomed by consumers looking for greater confidence in making online purchases, according to a recent study.

The research from Accenture Interactive describes immersive technologies as the “missing link” between the trust that comes from touching and trying products before buying in-store and the doubts that come from online purchases.

“The reality is that rotating a 3D model of a designer handbag or seeing a 360° video of an oceanfront rental home is more than a cool interaction. It is an exercise in truth seeking,” wrote Accenture in the study. “Unlike anything else in digital commerce, immersive experiences provide accessibility and tangibility.” Read more……

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