Why Blink™ Augmented Reality (AR)?

The Blink™ Augmented Reality system allows you to produce fully realistic 3D Augmented Reality content using no more than a low-cost depth camera and a PC or Laptop. Once made, the content can be easily uploaded to the cloud and is available to Android and iOS devices.  Photoreal 3D Augmented Reality content can be produced with a depth camera in minutes. The Blink™ platform can create content in moments, and at a fraction of the cost over traditional 3D Augmented Reality content.


The current state of Augmented Reality (AR) is defined not by the mobile devices used to experience AR but by the nature of the content available. The only currently available method to make 3D content for AR is to use hand-built 3D modelling techniques which are prohibitively expensive.

Blinxel has created a low-cost, easy and fast way for anyone to create photo-realistic 3D content with the intention of being compatible with any modern mobile (e.g. Smartphone), tablet or desktop-based AR or VR platform. This software solution produces amazing results with less than $1,000 of equipment, and a modern laptop or desktop computer.

The tool, “Blink™”, is designed from the ground up to be easy to use and effective. It produces results that are professional quality, but affordable for anyone.

What does Blink™ offer?

  • iOS and Android apps. (currently in-use)
  • Ability to create 3D AR ‘hologram’ with REAL people
  • Product-linked 3D AR ‘hologram’
  • Rapid (including live) production times.
  • Standard video production techniques reduces cost of production,
  • Blink™ content can be consumed on today’s mobile devices, in AR.
  • Content Creators are able to manage their own content.
  • Content is linked from any standard web site, social media site or QR code
  • Call To Action buttons take consumers to a client’s landing page, product page or eCommerce site, with no interference from Blinxel.
  • Subtitling for foreign market penetration.
  • and many more features
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