Details about Apple’s augmented reality glasses have leaked…

Details about Apple’s augmented reality glasses have leaked…

One of our Display Sense colleagues found this piece on a blog called The Bleeding Edge and thought it was interesting enough to re-share with you.

Details about Apple’s augmented reality glasses have leaked… Big news – Apple Glasses are on the way. That’s what Apple will likely call its augmented reality (AR) glasses. And why not? Apple Watch is now the most popular watch in the world. Apple Glasses could very well become the most popular glasses. As a reminder, AR is a technology that overlays video, images, and data on top of the user’s actual surroundings. With Apple Glasses, we’ll see computer graphics right in our field of vision as we go about our day. As for the news that has leaked out – Apple’s got the form factor right. Apple Glasses will look and feel like normal sunglasses. They won’t be big and bulky like early AR headsets. A big reason why Apple can get AR glasses down in size is that Apple is leaving out Wi-Fi connectivity altogether. It is using some of the most advanced and smallest semiconductors available. I like this. By eliminating Wi-Fi connectivity, it saves space inside the design. Apple’s approach to connectivity for the glasses is to enable them with 5G. Apple is planning on using the high-frequency spectrum that can deliver the fastest 5G speeds. The AR will be lightning fast. And this is telling… With 5G integrated, Apple Glasses will be functional for consumers throughout the day. Compare that to Wi-Fi connectivity, which would require consumers to be in range of a Wi-Fi network to use the glasses. This tells us that Apple thinks AR is going to be a big part of our lives. Apple envisions consumers wearing the glasses throughout the day – not just while they are sitting down at Starbucks on a coffee break. Regular readers know that I share these views. I believe AR glasses will be the next mass-market consumer product. And I even think they will eventually replace our smartphones entirely. So we are getting a lot closer to AR going mainstream. Apple Glasses will likely be a hot topic at Apple’s developer conference next month. Every June, Apple hosts its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). That will pave the way for developers to begin working on applications for the glasses. Looking forward, its likely Apple Glasses will launch next year, though there’s a small chance Apple could rush these out before 2020 is out – it’s still a secret how far along Apple is on the product development. The software is developed and available for developers to work on it, but the status of the hardware has been the big question. Either way, this is going to change the industry forever. I can’t wait to get my hands on a pair. Regards, Jeff Brown Editor, The Bleeding Edge. Read the source of the original article.

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