GREATS Shoes Lifts Brand Awareness 3.4x with AR

GREATS Shoes Lifts Brand Awareness 3.4x with AR

Proof points continue to roll out for AR’s effectiveness as an advertising medium. Early-adopter brands are learning that AR lets them demonstrate products in immersive ways. That can include brand engagement (upper-funnel) or “try before you buy” (lower-funnel) visualization.

More evidence from the upper-funnel side of the AR ad spectrum comes from Brooklyn-based sneaker retailer GREATS. Through an AR lens campaign on Facebook, the company achieved a meaningful 3.4x brand lift compared to its campaign benchmark of standard video ads. Read more….

Does AR form part of your Brand strategy? If not, why not? The benefits and customer engagement opportunities AR presents are only limited by our imaginations. Want to know more? Lets Talk

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