Switching the geAR in Education

Switching the geAR in Education

For those who have kids in school age, the last couple of months have been quite a revelation.
Used to kiss them goodbye in the morning and see them again only many hours later, whatever happened all day long inside the classroom was largely a guessing game, with the sole prop of clues that were either sporadic (the interaction with the teachers) or outright poor (the recounts of the usually reticent pupils).

But when suddenly home-schooling became the new normal, it was as if the fourth wall collapsed, allowing us to take a glimpse at what happens routinely behind the scenes.
A somewhat displacing experience, the one thing it did was giving us a better understanding of both the benefits and the limitations of digital and traditional means to deliver education. Read more….

The benefits of augmented reality in education are now well established. Have you considered how your institution could gain from a discussion with the 3D AR specialists? Lets Talk!

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