The What, Why and How of AR Commerce

The What, Why and How of AR Commerce

Ecommerce spending is up significantly in Q2. That’s not a new notion, given well-known Covid-era shopping constraints. But it’s less certain if levels will sustain. Like other areas of digital transformation, will new habits and discoveries form during this period that are semi-permanent?

VNTANA co-founder & CEO Ashley Crowder thinks so. As she examined in her recent VR/AR Summit talk (video below), this is a strong signal for the long-term growth of eCommerce.

“eCommerce sales were up by 68 percent in mid-April. And what’s interesting is it’s expected to stay there; because once consumers are comfortable making purchases from home, they don’t want to give up that convenience — particularly for industries like furniture apparel, shoes and toys.” An important offshoot of this trend involves AR Commerce. Read more…..

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