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Blinxel’s mission is to democratize 3D volumetric video production and make it affordable and accessible to everyone from professional developers, and artists to consumers. Humans excel at personal interactions, where they can feel the presence of real people, the intensity of volumetric performances, and relate to others visually.

Blinxel has developed a proprietary augmented reality solution that makes long-lasting hologram technology available at affordable price points. This development has included a  NO CODE solution for Tilt Brush that allows content to be easily loaded. Once created, 3D content is easily uploaded to the cloud and becomes available on iOS and Android devices around the world.






Better Human Connection

Better Engagement

A Better

High quality long form holograms at an affordable price point.

Immersive communication is enhanced by quality artistic volumetric video.

Game changing for display of artwork, galleries, media influencers and product ecommerce applications.

Social media posts, online gallery, art installations, and commercial works. It is all available to you with the Blinxel NO CODE tilt brush integration.

Our gallery

AR & Tilt Brush

Examples of Blink AR volumetric video utilizing Tilt Brush.


Blinxel content can be augmented with hyper-realistic AR photogrammetry and with Tilt Brush animation using it’s NO CODE Tilt Brush integration.  Your artwork has never looked more vibrant.

For centuries live theatre has honored its origins while embracing new technologies. The 21st century brings many new tools to the stage…

What Our Customers Have to Say


“The way Blinxel is built to democratize AR technology was right in line with the ethos of 

our artistic intent, and enabled us to incorporate other realms of existence from our vision”

Mei Ann Teo

Co-Director,  Chronicle X



For artists who wish to display their art in AR
US$ 50
  • Volumetric Video
  • Live-streaming
  • Discord Community
  • Unlimited Blinks
  • Tilt Brush support


For companies that wish to promote art in AR (+5 staff)
US$ 300
  • 24/7/support
  • Volumetric Video
  • Live Streaming
  • Unlimited Blinks
  • Tilt Brush Support

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