VR hype has been replaced by AR hype among publishers

VR hype has been replaced by AR hype among publishers

Three years ago, The Guardian was convinced that virtual reality was about to enter the mainstream. In Oct. 2016, the British news publisher announced that it had launched a two-person team dedicated to exploring the medium. A dedicated VR app, Guardian VR, debuted nearly a year later.

“There are always risks in investing in new technologies,” Francesa Panetta, editor of the Guardian’s VR studio, wrote at the time. “But for me, the risk is not doing this.”

The Guardian was not the only publisher eager to get in front with the emerging technology. The New York Times, which had launched its own VR mobile app back in 2015, had produced a dozen VR projects of its own by the time its content studio, T Brand Studio, won a Cannes Lion for a VR project in 2016. Earlier in 2016, Gannett, parent company of USA Today, began dangling VR in front of advertisers with the help of two dedicated staffers it added to its brand studio, GET Creative. Read more…


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