Will AR Enable Retail’s Touchless Era?

Will AR Enable Retail’s Touchless Era?
Source: Ikea

Proof points for AR’s role as a shopping tool continue to emerge. We’ve been hearing this rallying cry for AR commerce for a few years, but it takes on new meaning during Covid-era retail lockdowns. The value of visualizing products remotely in 3D is suddenly amplified.

As background, pandemic-induced global lockdowns have a polarizing effect on businesses, as we’ve examined. Some sectors grow (gaming, eCommerce), while others plummet (bars, events). AR lenses are in the former bucket for both practical and recreational reasons.

Recreational drivers include AR’s escapism and whimsy. Practicality drivers include commerce, as noted, and remote collaboration. In both cases, AR is also tied to an area that sees Covid-era inflections: digital communications. This boost’s AR’s momentum already underway. Read more…..

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