Will Gen-Z Be the AR Generation?

Will Gen-Z Be the AR Generation?

Socially-distributed lenses and filters are the leading form of consumer-based AR in terms of active use. A close second is location-based gaming, thanks to Pokémon Go, whose users engage with AR 2-3 minutes per session and with more AR game elements rolling out all the time.

For social lenses, we’ve based much of our analysis on the active use of the AR lens leader Snapchat. It has 163 million daily active lens users, some of whom engage 30 times per-day. Snap has also announced that it has surpassed one million lenses created.

But if we segment Generation Z (born ’96-’10), engagement and demand signals appear to index higher. As we examined recently, 56 percent of Generation Z use social apps — with Snapchat currently in the lead — while 40 percent specifically use AR lenses to do so. Read more……

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